Insider's Guide: 10 Hidden Features of iPhone 2023 You Must Try

Insider's Guide: 10 Hidden Features of iPhone 2023 You Must Try

Ever wondered about the untapped capabilities that reside at your disposal every time you hold your iPhone? This renowned device by Apple boasts numerous exciting features and concealed treasures to unearth, making it a thrilling journey to navigate through its vast expanse. Plunge into the intricate realm of iPhone to reveal these hidden facets, some of which are so cleverly hidden, they almost seem whispered into existence by the spirit of Steve Jobs himself.

1. The Secret Trackpad of iPhone

Did you ever discover the secret trackpad function of the iPhone? Maneuvering the miniature keyboards on our mobile screens can occasionally feel like performing a delicate task. The hidden trackpad of the iPhone, which converts your keyboard into a precise cursor navigator, offers an elegant remedy to this challenge. To use it, press and hold your keyboard's space bar.

2. Customizing the iOS Control Center

Firstly, have you ever hoped to alter your iOS Control Center to cater better to your needs? Customization of the Control Center is one attribute that continually enriches my iPhone experience. By incorporating your most frequently used widgets into the Control Center, a simple swipe down gives you immediate access, even when your iPhone is locked. This becomes incredibly convenient when you require a specific feature urgently. For me, Music Recognition is a revolution - no more desperate hunting for the Shazam app in folders when a song is nearing its end. To tailor your Control Center, navigate into Settings, tap Control Center, scroll to More Controls, and add any controls that may be handy on the go.

3. Tapping into iPhone's Back Tap

Next, let's venture into the Back Tap realm for additional iPhone controls. With Back Tap enabled, you can delegate various functions to a double or triple finger tap on the back of your device, akin to trackpad gestures. I personally set Double Tap for my Torch and Triple Tap for my Camera - incredibly useful when holding my phone at unconventional angles and unable to access lock screen icons or the Control Center dropdown.

A range of time-saving and accessibility functions can be set, and this feature can even be combined with Shortcuts for enhanced customization. To enable Back Tap, go to the Settings app, tap Accessibility, then Touch, and finally Back Tap. Designate functions to either Double Tap or Triple Tap as per your preference.

4. Unveiling the iOS Weather Map

Next, let's unlock the immersive iOS weather map. While most recent iPhone models, such as the iPhone 14 Pro, are water-resistant to the IP68 standard, being caught unprepared in an unexpected downpour is rarely enjoyable. Fortunately, the iOS Weather app offers an intuitive interactive weather map to prevent such surprises.

This weather map showcases a 12-hour forecast spanning the globe, inclusive of temperature, rainfall, and air quality overlays, along with pinned locations for quick access. The map essentially transforms you into a weather expert, and trust us, it becomes addictive once you've started using it. To activate the interactive forecast, open the Weather app and tap the map icon located at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

5. Sharing through Siri

One feature worth exploring is the ability to share screen content using Siri. iOS sports advanced sharing capabilities using Siri, which lets you share your screen content with a contact without needing to manually press the share button. This proves particularly useful when you need to share something quickly or if your hands are busy. Be it an image, a song playing on Spotify, or anything else, Siri is always ready to assist. And in instances where Siri can't share your screen directly, it captures a screenshot and shares that instead. Just say, "Hey Siri, share this with..." followed by the recipient's name.

6. iPhone Camera's Scanning Capability

Moving on, let's discuss the iPhone's feature that transforms your camera into a document scanner. The era when a dedicated scanner or all-in-one printer was required to digitalize physical documents is long past. The iPhone camera is a potent tool capable of scanning text and transcribing it into a digital format. To start, open an app that allows text entry (like Notes or Messages), tap and hold the text-entry area for a few seconds, and release. The scanner icon and "Scan Text" option should pop up.

7. Drag-and-Drop Feature Across Apps

Another handy feature is the capability to drag and drop files and photos between apps. This can save you significant time when you need to swiftly transfer an image, video, or even a PDF from one app to another. Though it might initially seem daunting, once you master it, you'll be proficiently dragging and dropping files.

8. Unleashing iPhone's Calculator's Potency

Don't underestimate the seemingly simple Calculator app. It might appear basic, especially compared to the complex calculators used in math class. But rotate your iPhone horizontally, and behold, a scientific calculator reveals itself! Plus, swiping left or right at the top of the display allows you to erase digits.

Spotlight search is an extraordinary tool that enables you to search anywhere, anytime. With iOS 15, you can now access Spotlight straight from your lock screen, allowing immediate searches without having to wait for Face ID recognition to unlock your device. To access Spotlight from your lock screen, all you have to do is swipe down from anywhere except the top right of your screen (which opens the Control Center).

10 Flight Tracking via Messages

Lastly, Messages have a clever feature that allows you to monitor flights within a conversation. Imagine the ability to track live flights using Messages! Whether you're awaiting a visit from a friend or family member, or if you're the traveler, you can keep track of the flight's progress directly from your device and view crucial information such as departure time, potential delays, expected arrival time, and even the baggage carousel number. Additionally, you'll get to see a map showing the flight's current location! To do this, someone in the chat needs to send the flight number as a message. Then, long-press the flight number and tap Preview Flight.

In conclusion, the iPhone is a device brimming with an array of hidden features that can enhance your user experience, making it more enjoyable and efficient. While some of these may be more commonly known, others could be a revelation. By exploring these features and learning how to use them proficiently, you can unleash the full potential of your iPhone and elevate your user experience. It's akin to being part of an exclusive society where only the insiders get to relish these wonderful benefits. So, go ahead, discover these features, and your iPhone might just become even more essential to your everyday life.